Lisa's Journal

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Yesterday Is Gone
words and music by Lisa Derosia

Hey, You know that song, you sing
you even hum it in your sleep
Sing it for me right now baby
make it sound so sweet
I’ll sing along
Yesterday is gone

We wait until the clock strikes ten
Before we say “remember when”
With our chisels and our pens
We try to change the words to that old song
but let’s all sing along
yesterday is gone

Oh I want to make this dream
From history and harmony
Every light is shining in the street
In my heart
And you don’t know why you’re here
And I don’t know if I am
But I know there is no second chance
in my hear

I wish we had more time to waste
I wish that we had just one more taste
Of the sweetness of the good old days

They faded like the sun
But there is more to come
Just yesterday is gone