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JDee Dee - Palooza
June 18th - 6:00pm

Benefit for Dee Dee and her son Jackson Durfee....at Martyrs' Restaurant & Pub 3855 N Lincoln ave in chicago. Monday night June 18th Performance begins at 6pm Doors open at 5:30pm. $25 presale tics
$30 at the door....100% of ticket sale is donated to Dee and her son Jackson (3 years old).

The tragic dealth of her husband leaves DeeDee and her son Jackson, who is autistic with a very rough road ahead. Please join this cause and help this beautiful child grow and receive the education he deserves. We thank you very much.

The Hoyle Brothers
AMEBA Acrobatic & Aerial Dance
Lisa DeRosia of Lush Budgett
The Janes Go Go Dancers
Anne & Mark Burnell
Space Rhino
Gathering Moss

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3855 North Lincoln

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